about who we are!

It all started...

…in early 1960 when a group of neighbors sought out to build a community recreation center, Their search landed them here in Glendale.  A growing neighborhood in Warwick County.  

They scoped out land along Middlesex Rd as the central drive of the neighborhood and found the perfect area for families to come together and enjoy time with one another.

The wooded area was granted by the county and soon the lot began to clear.  By the end of July 1961, The Glendale Recreation & Civic Association was completed and ready to open.  

In addition to the pool, two tennis courts, playground and a basketball court were erected to add more value to our growing neighborhood.

Original Warwick County site plan for proposed recreational area 1961

Through the years, The Glendale pool has established itself in the city as one of the premier community establishments.  Along with being named one of the cleanest pools in the area, the Glendale Gators swim team has outranked and outperformed many rivalries.  Winning multiple local and statewide championships!

As we continue to grow into this new millennium, we thank all the great neighbors for your continued love and support of our ever-changing organization.