Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures

(Revised May 2022)

General: According to the Glendale Recreation and Civic Association (GRCA) bylaws, the Operations Committee must write a set of rules and regulations for the operation of the pool and recreation facilities. The Committee believes the following policies will ensure safe and enjoyable use of the facility for all members and guests. GRCA will employ a trained and knowledgeable staff to manage the facility and enforce rules, but relies on its member’s help to make sure children and guests obey these rules and regulations.


Staff includes the managers, assistant-managers, lifeguards, swim coaches, board members, and concession personnel.

Facility includes the bathhouse, main pool, baby pool, pool deck, wooden deck, recreation room, basketball and tennis courts, wooded park, bridge, equipment buildings and all other property belonging to the Association.

Whenever used, the word ‘rules’ means the approved Glendale Recreation and Civic Association Rules, Regulations, Policies and Procedures. All rules are subject to change without prior notice if conditions so require.

The Board refers to the elected Board of Directors who are elected at the Glendale Annual Meeting in January of each year.

1. Authority:

(a) The manager and his/her staff are in complete authority over persons using the facility.

(b) The manager, assistant-manager, lifeguard, or swim coach may expel anyone who violates the rules from the facility for the remainder of the day.

(c) The manager is required to report persons who regularly violate the rules to the Board. The Board will determine appropriate action at the next scheduled board meeting.

(d) Members will not reprimand the staff, but can inform the Board of problems with the staff in writing. If the matter involves health or safety, members should contact the current Board President (the pool office staff will have the contact information).

(e) The manager will contact the local police in cases of forceful entry, property damage or theft that exceed $25.

(f) The manager and his/her staff will not admit any member to the facility that is not in good standing financially. All dues, maintenance fees, etc., must be paid in accordance with the current policy as stated on the annual invoice.

2. Staffing:

(a) Two Red Cross/YMCA-certified lifeguards are on duty while the pool is open. Lifeguards may rotate time in the chair when there are less than 25 swimmers in the water, and may be repositioned due to sun reflection. Lifeguards are not baby sitters.

(b) Lifeguards cannot play or roughhouse with members or guests and must limit conversations while on duty.

(c) The manager or assistant-manager will be on duty while the pool is open.

(d) One short blast of the lifeguard’s whistle is a call for bather’s attention; two short blasts is a call for another staff member’s attention; one long blast signals the beginning and end of rest period or pool closing; and three long blasts signals danger or an emergency situation.

(e) Only certified lifeguards are allowed on guard stands.

(f) Only concession staff members and managers are allowed inside the Concession Stand.

(g) Only on-duty lifeguards, managers, coaches and board members are allowed in the office. Members may not ask to store their personal belongings in the office or hangout in the office with staff.

3. Responsibility:

(a) The GRCA facility is owned and maintained by its members. Members are expected to meet their financial obligations each year and help maintain the facility by working on an opening or closing workday. Electricians, carpenters, painters, engineers, architects, machinists, pipe fitters, plumbers, lawn maintenance and other trade persons interested in volunteering their services should contact the House & Grounds Chairperson (the pool office staff will have the contact information).

(b) Members and guests swim at their own risk.  All minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

(c) The cost of any damage to the facility will be charged to the member responsible for causing the damage.

(d) The GRCA is not responsible for items lost by or stolen from members or guests.

(e) Members are responsible for remaining familiar with the GRCA bylaws and these rules which will be distributed annually via email by the Board.

(f) Glendale facilities are over 30 years old and not required to be ADA compliant. Members and visitors with disabilities are asked to call the manager on duty before arrival if assistance is needed. The manager will accommodate needs to the extent possible.

(g) Negative content regarding the association on SOCIAL MEDIA such as, but not limited to, racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs are not tolerated. Members are not allowed to disclose any GRCA information that is financial, operational, or legal in nature, as well as any information that pertains to other members of the Association. Observed or alleged violations of the Code of Conduct outside of GRCA will be referred to the Board of Directors for disposition. The member in question may appear before the GRCA Board to present the facts associated with the alleged violation. The Board of Directors will present their findings to the member in question. A member’s punishment may involve sanctions up to, and including, removal from GRCA.

(h) Members and guests are responsible for conducting themselves in an appropriate manner. The GRCA is a family facility. Abusive language, endangering the welfare of yourself or others, fighting, intimidating others and any other inappropriate behavior, will not be tolerated on the property; This includes physical, emotional, and verbal bullying.

(i) Members or guests may be suspended from the facility for the remainder of the day or for up to the remainder of the season, for conduct  violations.

(j) When requested, a member must attend a conference with the manager and a board member to be reinstated.

(k)  Members may  be  expelled  from  the  facility  indefinitely for repeated conduct violations, at the discretion of the board. 

(l) Members are responsible for the safe transportation of their children to and from the facility. Members must pick up their children before the facility closes. All bikes must be parked in the bike racks located inside the basketball court fence, not left in front of the main gate or in the parking lot.

4. Operating Hours:

(a) Operating hours apply to the pool and grounds areas.

Sun & Mon….1pm-8pm

Tue – Thur…11am-8pm

Fri & Sat…11am-9pm

Hours may be changed as needed.

(b) Opening. The pool will open for the season each year on Memorial Day weekend and will operate weekends until school ends at which time it will remain open daily through Labor Day.

(c). Closing. The pool will close during bad weather (see 4e for weather policy), equipment breakdowns, emergency situations, scheduled activities, chemical imbalances, pathogen introduction, and swim meets. The pool will be closed Monday morning to allow for cleaning. The pool will close at 4 pm on July 4th and Labor Day to allow staff to enjoy holiday family activities.

(d) Rest Period. Children under age 18 will exit the pool for the last 10 minutes of each hour for rest period.  Children under the age of two may be taken into the pool by a parent or grandparent during rest period, but not into the deep end. Guards coming off the chair can use the pool during break.

(e) Weather Policy. The pool will not be open for business on any days where the air temperature is lower than 70 degrees F. An air temperature below 70 degrees runs the risk of hypothermia for swimmers. In the case of a heavy downpour, the pool remains open as long as the guard on the main stand can see the drain covers at the bottom of the deep end. The pool will be cleared for thunder for 30 minutes after the last time it was heard. Members may remain on the pool deck though they are encouraged to move away from the fences. The pool is cleared for lightning for one hour after the last bolt and EVERYONE must clear the pool deck. When in doubt, call the pool or check the Glendale Facebook page for updates on pool closures due to weather.

5. General Rules:

(a) Check-in: Members must check in via Pool Pass using their assigned bar codes.  Membership fees must be paid in full.   See Section 9a for guest check-in rules.

(b) Lounge chairs are for the enjoyment of all, but adults have priority on the weekend. To keep costs down, members are asked to help make sure chairs, tables and lounges are used properly.

(c) Music may be played at low volumes, but headphones are encouraged. The manager may decide that music is inappropriate and cannot be played.

(d) Swim Meets. When swim meets are scheduled at Glendale, the facility will be closed to all other activities at 4:00pm. Members are welcome to come and support the team. Meets cancelled due to weather will be rescheduled. All swimmers are encouraged to join the team, and non-swimmers are encouraged to take lessons so that they may join the team.

6. Health Rules.

(a) Bathing Suits. Appropriate swimwear is required. No cut-off jeans or other clothing accessories may be worn in the pool. T-shirts are allowed early in the season or as a sun shield in case of sunburn. Hats, visors and sunglasses are allowed.

(b) Diapers. Children who are not yet toilet trained must wear swimsuit diapers or disposable swim diapers in the pool to prevent pathogen introduction.

(c) Personal health. Persons with infectious sores, contagious illnesses (colds, coughs, conjunctivitis, etc.), blistering, untreated poison ivy, or other serious conditions may not enter the water. The staff cannot give any medication to children, but can administer necessary first aid. Any pre-existing medical conditions should be made known to the staff and managers. Emergency/Medical information forms are available in the pool office. Members are encouraged to fill forms out to help keep staff informed of any conditions, be it a child or an adult.

(d) Shower. All persons entering the pool must shower in order to help prevent pathogen introduction. All members must use the shower located by the basketball gate when returning from the playground before re-entering the pool.

7. Safety Rules.

(a) Baby Pool. Use of the baby pool is limited to non-swimmers under age five. Small, unbreakable toys are allowed in the baby pool, but may not be thrown. Parents/Guardians must remain in the baby pool area with their children and make sure the gate is kept closed and latched.

(b) Children. A responsible caregiver must accompany any child under ten years of age when using the facility. The manager may allow a child less than ten years of age to come to the facility unaccompanied if:

(1) The child can pass the approved swim test (swim 25 meters without rest or holding the side of the pool) or…

(2) …The child is on the Glendale Gator Swim Team. 

The manager may restrict where a non-swimming child can swim and whether the child can be left unattended.

(c) Diving. All diving must be in water depths at or above 5 feet.

(d) From poolside – No stunt, running, back, or clown dives. Flips are not allowed and divers may not dive from or block the ladders.

(e) From the diving board – One swimmer at a time may dive straight away from the board and swim immediately to the nearest ladder so that the next swimmer may dive. Swimming and Diving in the deep end may not take place at the same time. The lifeguard will not clear the deep end unless two or more swimmers want to dive. Goggles may be worn in the deep end, but not off the diving boards. Children under six must have the lifeguard’s permission to dive and must have passed a swim test. The manager and staff may revoke diving privileges for any member they deem unsafe or unfit for the diving boards.

(f) Floatation aids. Swimming lessons are offered throughout the season and members are encouraged to take advantage of swim lessons. Parents must stay within arm’s reach of small children using “water-wings” and babies in “infant floating devices.” Foam Fun Noodles are allowed in the main pool. All floatation devices are prohibited in the deep end of the pool during free swim. However, adults may use them in the deep end during break if they so desire. The manager must approve all other floatation devices.

(g) Water Slide: The water slide may be used by any member or guest who has successfully passed a swim test. Goggles may be worn down the slide. Sliders must go down feet first, on their backs. One person may be on the slide at a time. Parents/guardians may not catch a non-swimmer at the bottom of the slide and no toys may be used down the slide.

8. Games/Toys:

(a) Equipment for water basketball is available for members and guests to use. Members and guests may not kick the ball, dribble on or shoot from the deck, or make long passes or shots. Dunking or pulling on the rim, net or backboard is not allowed. Play is restricted to the five-foot level of the pool. Small children may not play in the area where water basketball is being played.

(b) A ping pong table, air hockey table, and foosball table are available for members and guests to use. A $1.00 deposit for the ping pong equipment (this is to include paddles and balls) will be refunded if the equipment is returned in usable condition. Air hockey and foosball are free of charge. If players are waiting, there is a two-game limit. All members must dry off before entering the game room. No food or drinks are permitted in the game room. The game room is closed during swim practice and swim meets.

(c) Soft, Nerf-type balls are allowed in the pool, but tennis balls, hard balls, and court basketballs are reserved for basketball and tennis courts. All other balls must be approved by the manager prior to being allowed in the pool.

(d) Small, unbreakable diving toys are allowed, but members and guests are asked to be careful of swimmers while using diving toys. The manager and staff have the authority to remove any toy from the pool if the toy is being used inappropriately or unsafely.

(e) Goggles and facemasks that do not cover the nose may be used in the main pool and the diving well (deep end), but not off the diving boards. Fins may be worn in the pool. Fins may not be worn while walking around on the deck. All snorkels and facemasks that cover the nose (dive masks) may NOT be used in the pool.

(f) Kickboards. Members may bring their own kickboards which may be used during free swim but not in the deep end. Pool-owned kickboards may only be used for swim lessons and swim practice. NOTE: Kickboards are not flotation aids or lifesaving devices. Members should not allow children to use kickboards as flotation aids or they may risk drowning accidents.

(g) Guests and members may not wrestle, run, push, spit, fake injury or drowning, ride on anyone’s shoulders, chicken fight, throw other swimmers or flip towels either in the pool or on the pool grounds. ZERO TOLERANCE! Penalty for first occurrence; Additional occurrences will result in dismissal.

9. Prohibited items:

(a) Fireworks

(b) Glassware

(c) Motorized bikes/MOPEDS anywhere but in the parking lot

(d) Alcoholic Beverages (without written approval from the Glendale Board  of Directors)

(e) Illegal drugs (to include un-prescribed prescription medications)

(f) Pets

(g)  1)  Weapons (e.g., firearms, knives, swords, crossbows, bow & arrows, num-chuks, throwing stars, batons, etc.) are prohibited from open carry, display, or use on Glendale property.  Illegal use of any such items shall be referred to law enforcement organizations.  Continued association membership and future entry permission of anyone conducting illegal actions shall be addressed by the Glendale Board of Directors (BoD).

2) Projectile launching devices (I.e. nerf guns, airsoft guns, pressurized rocket launchers, model rockets, etc., et al.) are prohibited on Glendale property.  Rule violators will be asked to remove the items or leave the property by Pool Managers, Lifeguards, and/or BoD/ Swim team committee leadership.  Continued violations and/or uncooperative behavior will be referred for parental involvement.   Further continued violations will be referred to BoD for further action(s) up to revocation of membership/ forfeiture of member dues.

3) Water squirt guns will be allowed IN THE POOL  and in the playground area at the discretion of pool managers/ lifeguards based on pool/ property occupancy.   Actions that are disruptive to other members sitting on the pool deck, or excessive horseplay, are prohibited.  Anyone causing a disruption will be asked to remove the items or leave the property by Pool Managers, Lifeguards, and/or BoD/ Swim team committee leadership.  Continued violations and/or uncooperative behavior will be referred for parental involvement.   Further continued violations will be referred to BoD for further action(s) up to revocation of membership/ forfeiture of member dues.


(h) Tobacco use in non-designated smoking areas

(i) Tobacco use by persons under 18 years of age

(j)  smoking within 25 feet of the pool entrance (please smoke by the foot bridge; dispose of butts in the receptacle)

(j) Balloons and gum (can cause serious damage to the pump)

(k) Roller blades or skateboards on the pool deck or courts

10. Food:

(a) Food items and drinks are available for purchase from the Concession Stand.

(b) Food must be eaten on the wooden deck, but members and guests may take drinks and snow cones off of the wooden deck as long as there is not a significant problem with bees and provided guests clean up any mess. Food and drinks are not allowed in or near the edge of the pool.

11. Public Restrooms:

(a) Pool area is provided with both a male and female restroom

(b) Changing Table: A changing table is available in both the ladies and men’s restrooms.

(c) Outdoor showers are available for use by members and guests. Members are expected to use this facility wisely and help keep it clean and presentable.

12. Grounds:

(a) The parking lot, woods and creek are not approved play areas.

(b) Members and guests are asked to help maintain the grounds by not littering or removing flowers or other greenery from the grounds.  Please do not toss cigarette butts on the ground.

(c) Members and guests may not park in front of the gate. Bicycles must be parked and locked in the bike rack located inside the basketball court fence.

13. Tennis Courts:

(a) The tennis courts are for tennis only. Persons playing tennis must wear appropriate tennis shoes and use regulation tennis equipment.

(b) Members may bring a guest for tennis at no cost.

(c) Singles play is limited to 45 minutes and doubles play to 60 minutes when members are waiting. Members are asked to extend a 15-minute courtesy to persons already engaged in a game.

(e) Members not playing must wait outside the gate.

(f)  Contact the manager for complaints regarding the tennis courts or to have the gate unlocked. 

14. Basketball Courts:

(a) Basketball may be played until sunset. Members must lock up when leaving.

(b) Members must wear appropriate footwear (basketball, tennis, or running shoes – no cleats) and use a regulation court basketball. Clean grass from shoes before reentering the pool area.

(c) Members may bring guests to play basketball. The pool manager may limit the number of guests and rule 3g applies at all times.

(d) Contact the manager for complaints regarding the basketball courts or to have the gate unlocked. 

15. Recreation Committee Activities, Parties, Pool Rental:

(a) Recreation Committee Events: The Recreation Committee will publish a list of planned activities in the Glendale Guide and notify the manager of any other activities or cancellations as soon as possible. Three adult members will supervise the activity. The Committee will ask for volunteers for the activity and to help clean up and return furniture afterward.

(b) Parties during pool hours – Members may fill out an application ( and have private (birthday) parties at the pool. Parties are scheduled in two-hour blocks, M – F between 1-3 or 4 – 6 pm, or Sundays 2 – 4 pm.   A 2-hour rental is $50 and includes up to 15 swimming guests; additional guests (swimming and non-swimming) are $2 each. Members and guests must comply with the rental agreement and pool rules.

(c) After-hour Parties – Members may rent the pool Monday – Saturday between 8 – 10 pm for a fee starting at $200 for up to 50 guests. Consumption of alcohol will not be allowed.  Members and guests must comply with the rental agreement and pool rules.

16. Guest Rules:

(a) All guests will sign in with full name and complete address in the visitor’s log.

(b) An adult member must accompany any guest unless the member has made prior arrangements with the manager.

(c) A guest may visit up to 10 times during the open season. Members who wish to bring a guest more than 10 times must negotiate additional days with the manager.

(d) There are no geographic restrictions on guests.

(e) Fees for guests are $5.00 per person/$20.00 per family. Guests from outside of the Tidewater area that are visiting a member, or guests under the age of five are admitted free with an adult member.

(f) Adult members may bring no more than five adult and/or child guests per family, without prior approval by the manager or board. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and for informing their guests of the rules. Members age 11-17 may bring no more than 3 guests per family. All guest rules apply. 

(g) Child guests in a childcare situation or adult guests in a babysitting situation must abide by Section 10 of the rules. Babysitters may not bring guests while working in a childcare capacity.

(g) Guests may not invite guests.

17. Childcare Provider/Babysitter Rules:

(a) A childcare provider is defined as a member in good standing who has agreed to care for one or more children in addition to his/her own on a routine basis. A babysitter is defined as a non-member individual to be added to the membership of a member in good standing in order to care for that member’s children.

(b) The Board of Directors may grant or deny requests of members to provide childcare for non-member’s children or add a babysitter to their membership on a case by case basis and for one season only. Request must be submitted in writing. The request must be approved before a babysitter can accompany member children or a member childcare provider can bring non-member children to the pool.

(c) A GRCA Childcare Registration Form must be completed for every child being cared for by a member childcare provider and signed by the child’s parent(s).

(d) Members caring for non-member children: Members providing childcare to nonmember children must comply with all requirements in 17b and 17c above. Upon approval, the fee per non-member child as outlined in Section 17m must be paid in full.

(e) Babysitters caring for member children: Members whose children will be cared for by a babysitter must comply with all requirements in 17b and 17c above. Upon approval, members must provide babysitters with a copy of the rules. Non-member babysitters must obtain Board approval and pay appropriate fees before bringing their own children to the pool. Non-member babysitters may only attend the pool when caring for member children.

(f) Members caring for member children: Members who care for children of other members must provide the manager with the names of member children in their care.

(g) Temporary child care situations: Members who agree to care for children for 10 days or less (parent out of town, death in the family, or other unusual circumstance) must submit a written request through the manager to the Board of Directors. Members must receive approval before bringing the children to the pool.

(h) Member childcare providers or babysitters are legally limited to five children they may care for at one time. All disabled children reduce that total by two for each disabled child. This limit is in compliance with the Commonwealth of Virginia guidelines for licensed and unlicensed daycare. The GRCA does not allow daycare centers to use the facilities.

(i) Childcare providers and babysitters must accompany the children in their care to the pool, remain with them at all times and ensure that the children in their care abide by the rules.

(j) Regulations regarding regular guests also apply to childcare situations.

(k) Childcare providers/babysitters will be asked to remove children in their care from the pool and take them home if there are consistent rule violations.

(l) The board may limit the number of member childcare providers adding non-member children each season. The board, at its discretion, may also revoke a childcare provider’s attendance at the pool if the childcare provider proves to be irresponsible.

(m) Fees: Member child care providers must pay a onetime summer fee of $25.00 for each child age six and under and $50.00 for each child aged seven and up who is in their care and approved to use the pool.

Any questions or concerns regarding these rules and regulations should be directed to the pool manager (in-season) and/or the Board President (off-season).