Glendale New Member Application; Part 2

Membership Categories & Requirements

Glendale is a stockholding association owned by its members, and initiation (formerly stock) payments help to fund capital improvement needs. All new members are required to pay the initiation fee which is $0 for 2014 only (normally $250). All initiation fees are non-refundable to all members joining after 2004. Memberships are either single, senior or family for dues purposes. See below for an explanation of each. All applicants MUST be an adult 21 years of age or older & children cannot have individual memberships. All family members listed on the application MUST reside at the listed address of the applicant & children cannot be over the age of 24. A new applicant who has a situation not fitting into these guidelines should consult with the Membership Chairman or Board President prior to
submitting the application. Babysitters for members may be added at no additional cost, but must be requested in writing and approved by the Board. A member who babysits other children must fill out a separate application that also requires Board approval, & additional fees will apply.

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1) Vested Member: A person or family who is a voting member of the Association. The initiation fee must be paid in total at the time they join. All new members are required to pay the fee. The initiation fee is $0 in 2014.

2) Family: A membership designed for two or more persons residing in the same household. No adult children over 24 years of age are allowed except by special permission of the board. Initiation fees are required as outlined in #1 above.

3) Senior: A membership designed for an individual or couple 55 years of age or older. No additional family members can be on a Senior membership. Senior members pay reduced annual dues. Initiation fees are required as outlined in #1 above.

4) Single: A membership for an individual only, with no age restrictions except they must be at least 21 years old. Single members pay reduced annual dues & the initiation fee is required as outlined in #1 above.

5) Active-Duty Military: Initiation fee is waived if membership is 3 years or less. This is a one-time exception only, and applicant must be and remain active-duty during membership term.


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New Member Dues 2014: $350/family, $225/senior or single;
1st Year Initiation fee: $250 $0 for 2014; Yearly Maintenance Fee: $50*

*1st year members do not pay the maintenance fee. This fee begins in the second year of membership.[/su_box]

[su_box title=”Important:” box_color=”#fe3131″ radius=”2″]Current members may take a one year leave of absence by so requesting in writing and paying the $50 maintenance fee. Members choosing to resign or take a leave of absence, whether vested or not, must do so in writing prior to the start of the current season or they will be liable for that year’s dues/fees. Past members in default must pay another initiation fee if they want to be considered for membership in the future.[/su_box]

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Thank you for applying to the finest association in Newport News.

Your application will be processed as quickly as possible.

Please contact our membership chairperson, Mandy Welcher at or call (757) 817-9357 if you have any questions.

Please initialing & Checking the box below, the applicant certifies they have read the above member guidelines and agrees to abide by them.