Gator Guide

Gator Guide 2017

Swim Team 2017 Registration and Fees:

Gator Policies

The 2017 registration form will be available on-line or copies will be available in the office.  Swim team fees are $75 per swimmer which includes mini meet and city meet fees and a trophy.  Team t-shirts will be an additional charge per child and will have each name listed on the back.  All swimmers must be able to swim the length of the pool without stopping (25 meters) prior to time trials. The Strive for 25 program is available for all swimmers that currently cannot swim 25 meters without stopping (see below for more details).

Strive for 25:

This program lasts for 8 days (2 weeks Monday-Thursday). The goal is to help swimmers achieve the goal of swimming 25 meters without stopping as well as to help with stroke development. The cost is TBD and should your swimmer join the team, that money will be applied toward the $75 swim team fee.

Team Suit/Caps:

The team suit (black with the gator logo embroidery) is available for purchase through Swim and Sports. Swim and Sport is located at 13641-B Warwick Blvd in Newport News and their phone number is 874-7946.  Latex caps are available for purchase at the office.

Swimmer Conduct:

All swimmers are expected to attend practice and meets regularly (on time).  They must participate or they will be asked to leave the pool grounds. It is expected that all swimmers will exhibit good behavior and cooperation at all times. Team spirit and good sportsmanship is required at all times as well.

Glendale Gators Contact Information Summer 2017

GPSA Representatives:

Rey Escanola, Jeni Cenname

Coaching Staff:

Head Coach:  Aby Cenname

Assistant Coach:

Practice Schedule and Meet Information

Please have your child attend practice regularly.  This will only help your child develop and improve theirswimming abilities. Any swimmer who is practicing with a USA swim team should be attending those practices regularly.  However on the mornings that there is a meet ALL swimmers should attend Glendale practice!

In the event of bad weather, please make sure someone is available to pick your child up from practice early.  Children 8 and under must have an adult and/or babysitter present during all practice times. Should there be a last minute emergency and your swimmer can’t swim in a meet for which they have been slated, please contact (call or text) the Coach as soon as possible, This will allow her to plan accordingly so your swimmer can be removed from the line-up and another swimmer can be chosen to swim. For home meets, swimmers need to be at Glendale by 4:30pm.  Please be at the host pool for away meets by 5:00 p.m.  All meets begin at 6:00pm sharp.

If you qualify and cannot participate in City Meet, it is important that you let the coaches know as soon as possible.  There is a cutoff date for entry.  Stay tuned for more information to come!


Swim team is all about parent participation!  It would not be impossible to effectively run the meets without YOU!  We need volunteers to make the season a success. Join the Swim Team Booster Club!  Volunteer opportunities will be offered and parents will be notified about those as they come available.  Volunteer signups will be held at swim team registration throughout the season.

Again, we cannot run these meets without you.  So please make sure to sign up!

Other Important Information

It is very important that children and parents (especially for the younger ones) pay attention to the order of the meets.  We do not want any child to miss their event because there are no make-ups.  All swimmers must keep up with their lane slips. Swim meets typically last 2-1/2 to 3 hours.   Please make sure to plan appropriately, especially for younger swimmers (coloring books, small games, books to read, snacks, water/Gatorade etc).  It is a good idea to bring an extra towel or blanket for your child to sit on during the meets. Make sure to label all bags, goggles, caps, towels, bathing suits, etc.  with your child’s name – things always get left behind.

Please remember that during a meet, our coaches need to be focused on the events and the swimmers in those events.  If you have questions or would like to speak with the coach about your child, please do so after the meet, after practice or contact the coach directly.  Please do not have these conversations during a meet.

GPSA Representatives will make all final decisions regarding weather cancellations.  These decisions are typically made at the very last minute in hopes that the storm will pass over and the meet can continue.  Rain only will not cause a meet to be cancelled.  Any sign of lightning or thunder will stop the meet and representatives will make the call based on the safety of the team.

Per GPSA (Greater Peninsula Swimming Association) rules, NO tobacco products or alcohol is allowed on the pool deck during swim meets or the team will be disqualified.

Cheer on other swimmers!  We love showing GATOR SPIRIT for all swimmers!


We are looking forward to a great season!